Friday, March 23, 2007

Easy Ways To Teach Your Child About Colors

The world is a kaleidoscope of color, and teaching your child about colors is fundamental to their learning process, right? To assist you, here are some tips to help your child recognize and identify colors.

· When dressing your child; say the color of the outfit.

· Take out some fruit and place it on the kitchen table. Sit the child on your lap and point to each fruit; naming the color.

· When you go for a walk with your child, point out the different color flowers.

· Using the wide variety of child’s books that are available; specifically picture books that are very colorful, point out the colors.

· Purchase a large box of crayons, and using white paper to scribble on, repeat the name of each color crayon you use.

· Purchase a package of multicolored construction paper.

Babies love anything that’s colorful. Whether its balloons, toys, stuffed animals, dolls or blocks – they seem to hone in on bright colors such as red, blue and yellow. With Easter soon approaching, it is the perfect time to introduce them to a myriad of colors via Easter eggs. Another approach is to take them to a park where all of the swings and see-saws are brightly colored. Or a stroll in your garden is another perfect to show them bright colors as well.

As your child points to an object, verbalize the color and what the object is as well. Keep repeating the color over and over as you point to it. If your child calls an object another color than what it is, just verbalize the correct color and eventually he or she will make the connection. Also, you can show your child different stuffed animals in a toy store which have brightly colored attire.

While these tips to help your child recognize colors are just the starting point, you can also use other tools which are also available in the learning process. Baby food is another way in which you can present colors to your child. If you take your child to the zoo; there are so many colors you can share with your child. Take out your tin of buttons. These are a wonderful tool to demonstrate different colors to your child. Also, if you use scrunchies, show them to your child as well. Making the association between the color and the object is an important component in the child’s learning process. It’s important to make it fun for the child. In this way, every association made will be invoke a happy memory later on.

About the Author: Nicole Dean co-created to help her child and others prepare for Kindergarten in a fun way. To get your free sample lesson, stop by today.

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