Sunday, February 04, 2007

Decorating With Shades

Roman shades are a popular addition to the window blind stable. They’re a great way to make a home decorating statement. Their graceful gathers really add visual interest to any room. When they’re raised, the fabric drapes into soft, tight folds. When they’re lowered, the gentle folds relax into looser folds.

These shades can be lined to offer more insulation, and also more privacy and deflection of light. They can be used in any room in your home, from nearly any fabric. They look great as a foundation for a full window covering, as a backdrop curtains and valances. You might see them in cotton, suede and linen, among many other materials. They can be the focal point of the window covering, or they can be the background and supporting role for a bold curtain or valance. A cord that runs down the side of the shade controls the lifting and lowering. They can be raised completely to let light in and expose the entire window, or lowered to any level. The higher they’re raised, the tighter the loops of fabric get. It almost appears to be a balloon valance, when all the loops are gathered at the top of the window. It doesn’t matter how high the shade is raised, it always looks great. It never looks unfinished, or unkempt, or as if you should raise or lower it completely.

It doesn’t take much talent to make Roman shades. Magazines, books and websites can walk you through the necessary steps. A visit to a craft store couldn’t hurt, either, since they’re full of ideas. Someone at the craft store can direct you toward the best resources. Once you make one set, you’ll be unstoppable!

Once Roman shades are hung, the room takes on a completely different feel. The three dimensional curtain really draws your attention to the window. Which makes it even wiser to have a full display of window treatments. They can go with modern furnishings, or they can fit right in with a contemporary theme. They can have a casual look, or a more formal look. The material chosen makes all the difference. An ornately printed brocade would look much more formal than a light cotton. And the treatments around it can affect how it looks. A formal valance with a heavy drapery is much more formal than a light balloon valance paired with a sheer cotton panel.

Whether you choose a formal look or a casual look for your shades, windows never looked so good!

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