Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Right Visco Foam Mattress

When memory foam mattresses first hit the market it wasn't difficult to select one to buy. There just weren't that many options. Fast forward to today and there are multiple brands to choose from for a foam mattress, while they all will benefit you in a great nights sleep, which one is the best for your body type and sleep habits.

Also known as a visco-elsatic memory foam mattress, they've made a big impact on the bed/mattress sector. The product, originally designed to help astronauts by NASA never made the cut in the space program. However, when it was adopted and produced commercially for mattresses it caught on fast.

Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress

A memory foam mattress isn't just comfortable, they actually provide healing properties to those sleeping on them. If you suffer from joint or back aches and injuries this is a mattress for you to check out. The composition adjusts to your body and contouring to your shape providing support where it's needed most and allowing your body to stay aligned while sleeping.

Foam Mattress coming to market

The first company to unveil a visco foam mattress was tempurpedic. Their brand of memory foam was known as tempur. They bombarded the industry with TV ads, big distribution. When spring mattress makers saw the success they were having, it wasn't long before we saw companies like Simmons, Serta, and Sealy getting in on the action.

The right Foam Mattress for You

A variety of densities exist in memory foam. Generally the denser the foam the more expensive the mattress will cost. The density can vary between 2.5lb and 5lb. The density is simply the firmness you or I would feel when laying on the mattress. Generally the firmer a mattress, the more comfortable it will be especially for those suffering from any back pain or aches.

So how will you know what firmness is right for you? The only way to determine that is to test it out. Lay down on it, test several out, get to know what feels good and what doesn't. With something as personal as a mattress, it's really the only way to judge what's best.
As for all new technology, foam mattresses aren't cheap. They cost a lot to produce. Therefore they are more expensive then a conventional spring mattress once they reach market. Be careful of deals that appear too good to be true for a memory foam mattress. The warranty should be excellent with a mattress so a deal that seems to come with a shorter warranty for a lower price, isn't as good as it seems.

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