Sunday, January 28, 2007

Wrought Iron Furniture Can Work Wonders For Your Living Room

A fireplace is a place where you want to enjoy your evenings in chilly winters in a warm, cozy, and relaxing environment. Not only it is functional, it is a place of usual central point of room as well. As fireplaces are so noticeable, it is imperative that this place is made attractive for it deserves attraction.

No other material other than wrought iron is perfect for fireplace décor. Whatever be the design for your fireplace, only the wrought iron décor items look fabulous on the mantle or near the fireplace. Wrought iron goes equally well both in modern look and conventional look when combined with material like stones, pebbles, or bricks.

A few wrought iron products for home décor most sought near a fireplace could be candle stands, mantle clocks and candle holders. Mantle clocks ought to be set in the middle of the mantle and candle holders to be placed on one side of the mantle, presenting them a clustered look. Huge sized, high candle stands find a place on the floor beneath the mantle near the fireplace.

Most of the useful tools for fireplace are made from wrought iron or else these tools would have handles, brooms, pokers, shovels, and tongs made from wrought iron. These tool sets for fireplace are designed to look noticeable so as to be used both as functional as well as elegant fireplace pieces.

If you are planning to give a new look to your living room without a great deal of effort, then wrought iron accessories are the ideal answer. Wrought iron is not only versatile, yet attractive. Wrought iron is just the right combination of both these characteristics and is just the ideal choice for any living room.

Wrought iron is so versatile home decorating material that it fits well with almost any decorating design. Be it be rustic, traditional, modern or contemporary, one can get wrought iron home décor products for every home design.

Wrought iron is a gorgeous material. Wrought iron home décors speak for themselves. These can be used to focus a specific point, or by adding a few bold accessories, you can create a central point in a room. If your living room has a fireplace, putting wrought iron candle holders will certainly add to the style of the fireplace, making it more striking. Or, if you plan to design a focal point on a wall, placing a beautiful piece of wall art of wrought iron along with wrought iron sconces on both sides will certainly be the focal point you desire for.

Wrought iron home décor products entirely transform the appearance of your living room without involvement of any major redecoration projects. As true to its nature, wrought iron material is both versatile and eye catching and will add sparkle to any living room.

About the Author: Andrew Caxton use to write on outdoor furniture and subjects for Find more publications about wrought iron furniture at his website.
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Teaching Toddlers To Do Household Chores

I never set out to give my toddlers chores to do. You might be thinking, "That's too young! Toddlers can't do chores!" That's what I thought too, that is until I was constantly tripping over my boys while trying to do my own household chores.

Let's face it, toddlers want to help mom, even when mom doesn't want or need help. But what better way to teach your toddlers to do chores than letting them help mom?

The number of chores you give your child to do will depend on your child. Some kids want to help more than others. At this age, the important thing is to teach them to clean up after themselves, not to try to get them to clean the entire house.

One of my sons is not interested in helping me pick up toys. He helps me for a minute then moves on to something else. However, he loves helping me with laundry and unloading the dishwasher.

My other son has to have everything around him arranged in a certain way. When we pick up his toys he makes sure everything is picked up and in its place. One day when we were picking up the family room he went into his bedroom and picked up the entire room. When we found him in there his room was spotless, and he's not even 2 years old!

Besides picking up toys off the floor at the end of every day, I don't require my boys to do certain chores, except as they want to help me. There are, however, a couple of chores they especially enjoy.

I realized my boys were old enough to help with the laundry when they started taking their clothes out of the dryer and running into their room to put them into their drawers! So now I let them put their own clothes away, and don't worry about what drawers they put them in. The important thing is that they are helping and putting their own laundry away. They also enjoy putting their clothes into the washing machine. I take turns picking each child up so they can drop some clothing into the machine.

I had a terrible time trying to keep my toddlers out of my dishwasher until I realized they just wanted to help take dishes out of it. For awhile they handed me silverware to put away (I take all of the sharp knives out first), then they decided that they wanted to put the silverware into the drawer. They can't even see into the drawer, but they drop it over the edge, into the drawer, then I put the silverware where it belongs.

I've had a lot of fun letting my toddler boys help with household chores. They don't see chores as work, they think they are hanging out with and helping mom, which is what is important to them, and as they get older they will learn that household chores are a part of family life.

About the Author: Rachel Paxton is a freelance writer and mom. For more recipes, organizing tips, home decorating, crafts, holiday hints, and more, visit Creative Homemaking at
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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tips on Installing A Burglar Alarm

Ready to install your own burglar alarm?

Using a burglar alarm installation manual is the best way to install an alarm system. It explains how the owner of the house needs to install the burglar alarm. However, before installing the alarm the house owner needs to survey the property in order to decide how many doors and windows present a security threat. He or she also needs to look at large halls and sitting spaces that need protection against intruder break in.

The homeowner's next step should be to decide on the kind of alarm he or she wants to install. The owner has the option to select a either a wireless alarm or a hard-wired alarm. A wireless alarm is generally easier to install as it requires no wires that must be run across the house. The different components of the alarm can be inserted in the selected spots as per the instructions given in the installation manual.

The ideal place to install the control panel is in the basement (or any other place where it cannot be easily spotted by an intruder). Also, it should be within signal range. That is, the control panel should be able to pick up signals from other wireless components like the sensors and magnetic switches.

The homeowner then needs to install the magnetic switches on all of those doors and windows that a possible intruder can force entry. These switches are comprised of two parts -- a magnet and a switch -- and are not difficult to install. The house owner must only make sure that the distance between the switch and the magnet is not so large as to allow the intruder to walk in unnoticed. The alarm must go off when the distance between the magnet and the switch increases.

The next component you will need to install is the contact sensor. These sensors should be installed in those areas of a home through which an intruder would pass. Once again this decision has to be made by the house owner. He or she should select a place that is close to an entry or exit, and would invariably pick up any motion.

Finally, the homeowner needs to install the keypad. This device should be installed near the entry to enable the house owner to disarm or arm the alarm with ease. The homeowner can also add motion-sensor lights around the home. These lights should switch on whenever an individual passes beneath them.

A similar procedure should be followed in the case of a hard-wired alarm. The only difference is that all of the components of the alarm system must be connected by electrical wiring. Since this wiring should be concealed, the house owner would have to make an extra effort to install the alarm system.

About the Author: Robert Davis contributes to several web magazines, on
home management and family issues topics.
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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Right Visco Foam Mattress

When memory foam mattresses first hit the market it wasn't difficult to select one to buy. There just weren't that many options. Fast forward to today and there are multiple brands to choose from for a foam mattress, while they all will benefit you in a great nights sleep, which one is the best for your body type and sleep habits.

Also known as a visco-elsatic memory foam mattress, they've made a big impact on the bed/mattress sector. The product, originally designed to help astronauts by NASA never made the cut in the space program. However, when it was adopted and produced commercially for mattresses it caught on fast.

Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress

A memory foam mattress isn't just comfortable, they actually provide healing properties to those sleeping on them. If you suffer from joint or back aches and injuries this is a mattress for you to check out. The composition adjusts to your body and contouring to your shape providing support where it's needed most and allowing your body to stay aligned while sleeping.

Foam Mattress coming to market

The first company to unveil a visco foam mattress was tempurpedic. Their brand of memory foam was known as tempur. They bombarded the industry with TV ads, big distribution. When spring mattress makers saw the success they were having, it wasn't long before we saw companies like Simmons, Serta, and Sealy getting in on the action.

The right Foam Mattress for You

A variety of densities exist in memory foam. Generally the denser the foam the more expensive the mattress will cost. The density can vary between 2.5lb and 5lb. The density is simply the firmness you or I would feel when laying on the mattress. Generally the firmer a mattress, the more comfortable it will be especially for those suffering from any back pain or aches.

So how will you know what firmness is right for you? The only way to determine that is to test it out. Lay down on it, test several out, get to know what feels good and what doesn't. With something as personal as a mattress, it's really the only way to judge what's best.
As for all new technology, foam mattresses aren't cheap. They cost a lot to produce. Therefore they are more expensive then a conventional spring mattress once they reach market. Be careful of deals that appear too good to be true for a memory foam mattress. The warranty should be excellent with a mattress so a deal that seems to come with a shorter warranty for a lower price, isn't as good as it seems.

About the Author: For more information on a
visco foam mattress consider visiting our website on foam mattresses and pillows.
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Home Decorating - Get Rugs that Put the Fun in Functional

Rugs can serve several functional purposes, with the most obvious one being a floor covering. Rugs also provide warmth on a bare floor and help to reduce noise in a room with too many flat surfaces. Rugs can add beauty and charm to a room and they can give your room a cosmopolitan feel or more of a country feel. That's great, but our focus today is on fun!

There are plenty of rugs that put the fun in functional, from fluffy Flokati rugs to retro shags. Flokati rugs, shag rugs, and sheepskin rugs offer 3-dimensional lushness that is simply irresistible. They're at home in the office, den, or even a child's room and come in every color imaginable.

Speaking of fun, have you ever curled up on a soft fluffy rug in front of a fireplace? If you haven't tried it, you should wiggle your bare toes in the long fibers!

If a fluffy rug isn't what you have in mind, there are lots of natural material rugs like jute, sisal, and bamboo that keep the fun in functional and they let you "keep it real." These sturdy and durable rugs are both trendy and timeless (a hard thing to be) and they come in several earthy colors.

Numerous fun designer rugs are available, crafted by famous artists or fashionistas. From the legendary Andy Warhol to hip kids Mary Kate and Ashley, you'll find a broad range of officially licensed designer rugs to match your lifestyle. Many of the designer rugs take exciting chances with color scheme and layout, for one-of-a-kind creations. From goofy cartoons and streamlined oriental prints, to bold blocks and retro mixes, you'll enjoy these rugs for their durability and sense of adventure.

From traditional designs to funky geometric expressions, there are plenty of rugs that are just fun to look at. Some rugs have designs so detailed or intricate that you might not notice certain details right away.

Outdoor rugs can be used poolside, on the deck or patio, or in front of the barbecue. They come in almost any design so you can get the look you want in your outdoor living areas. The fun gets kicked up a few notches when you use an outdoor rug with a western theme for a barbecue party or a rug with a patriotic design to celebrate the Fourth of July.

When it comes to fun rugs, the ones designed for children take top prize. There are cartoon characters, farm animals, and wildlife creatures galore. Other rugs for kids come in unique shapes such as a racecar, plane, or fire truck.

Some rugs for young kids have interactive designs that help them with counting or the alphabet. Imagine the fun a child has stepping on numbers or letters as the child says them in the correct sequence. Other interactive rugs feature maps or the solar system to help a child learn different concepts.

I recently had a discussion about rugs with some friends, who also happen to be ardent rug lovers. When we mentioned fun rugs for kids, their young son asked if people that like rugs can be called fans, just like people who like sports are called sports fans. We said "Why not?" and then he posed the following question, "How much fun can a rug fan have when a rug fan has fun rugs?"

About The Author: AnnaRae Mills is wild about rugs! She has a goldmine of tips and information to share with you. Decorating, rug shopping, and more. Find out how to pick the right rugs for your home. See pics of all rug types at

Copyright © 2007 AnnaRae Mills

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Choosing The Right Type Of Grass For Your Garden

If you are thinking of changing the way that your garden looks, usually changing the type of grass that you have is one of the easiest ways to do it. However, just because it will easily change the appearance, it does not mean that it will be easy to maintain! Generally it is all about knowing the different types of grass available and knowing which ones are more suitable for you.

Knowing Your Area

The area in which you live will determine which type of grass you can actually successfully grow. Many people do not realize that different types of grass need different living conditions and whilst some can live healthily in Northern climates, others may prefer a more Southern climate instead. This means that if you do purchase a grass which is more suited to a Northern climate but you live in the South, it is more than likely that your grass will not survive and if it does it will certainly not be at its best.

So, before you rush out and buy any type of grass, do a little research and see whether it can in fact live in your area.

Knowing the Grasses Needs

Another important thing to consider is what the grass needs in order to survive. Some grasses can live perfectly well with just a little water sprayed over them every now and again. However, for others there are certain factors which tend to come into play.

The soil will make a huge difference to the grass and how it grows. Different grasses need different types of soil so you should really know what type of soil you do actually have. Is it dry? Is it quite fertile soil? If you don’t know try and find out as otherwise you could end up purchasing the completely wrong grass for you.

Another consideration you will need to make is whether the grass can be in the shade. Some grasses live perfectly well in partial shade whilst others will die through lack of sunlight. So, research as much as you possibly can on the type of grass which you are after and that way you should be able to find something to suit you and your garden.

Overall different grass does need different things and it is important that you take everything into consideration. You may even want to consider ornamental grasses which are not used as a lawn; they are used to make the garden look nicer. Whatever you decide pay particular attention to its needs and you should end up with something which lasts you a long time.

About the Author: Andrew Caxton is the author and editor of more lawn care resources published at You can find more information and resources on type of grass at his website.

More Resource:
- Lawn Care EBook(R)
- The Real Gardener's Book. Get A Beautiful Garden - Easy, Inexpensive, And Rewarding - Simple Steps To Follow!

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